IK Multimedia announces iRing, affordable iOS motion controller

IK Multimedia has switched gears for its latest iOS music making peripheral, delivering an affordable iOS motion controller known as the iRing.

This wearable piece of technology enables you to control effects and other parameters simply by moving your hand. It's tracked by your device's front-facing camera, and gestures are translated using "highly optimised recognition algorithms".

The iRing itself can be worn between two fingers, with IK claiming that it's comfortable enough to have on when you're playing an instrument. It has a linear dot pattern on one side and a triangular pattern on the other, and is said to enable you to control up to six parameters using one or two hand gestures.

Launching alongside iRing will be two compatible apps from IK. iRing Music Maker is a simple tune-making tool that enables you to have hands-free control over beats, synth parts and effects, while the iRing FX/Controller is a more serious proposition that converts distance information from the iRing to precise MIDI control data that can be user-configured. This data can then be read by compatible Core MIDI apps or sent, via Wi-Fi, to a computer.

iRing FX/Controller is also a multi-effects processor. You get 16 effects to play with, and these can be inserted into a signal path via Audiobus or Inter App Audio. IK also plans to add iRing support to many of its other iOS apps, and third-party developers can do likewise via a free development kit and licensing program.

Available in the first quarter of 2014, iRing will be available in three colours and cost $24.99/€19.99 (you get two rings in each pack). We'll be slipping one or two on for testing as soon as possible, but in the meantime, check out the video above and feature list below. More details on the IK Multimedia website.

IK Multimedia iRing features

  • Great for musicians and non-musicians alike
  • Includes two identical, two-pattern reversible rings, allowing for numerous control combinations and the control up to 6 effect parameters simultaneously with two hands
  • Rings are unique looking, light, comfortable and provide a universal fit
  • Included iRing Music Maker app allows novices to make music using hand gestures
  • Included iRing FX/Controller app lets musicians and DJs create custom MIDI control setups, plus add and control audio effects when used together with other music apps via Inter-App Audio or Audiobus
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