HighC lets you 'draw' your music

HighC is a music creation app with a difference.
HighC is a music creation app with a difference.

Although all computer music making applications work in slightly different ways, many of them look and feel pretty similar. Not so HighC (pronounced ‘I see´ - and in a strong French accent, apparently), which is a graphical tool that enables you to ‘draw in´ your music.

The software´s main interface is a continuous time-frequency diagram that looks like a musical score. HighC promises to combine a synth, sequencer and mixer, and is powered by a variety of synthesis techniques.

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All parameters in HighC are continuous curves that sit on the timeline - there are no knobs or faders to worry about. It might sound complicated, but the developer believes that even complete novices and children can get a grip on its basic principles within minutes.

HighC has certainly got MusicRadar intrigued - we´ll be trying out the free version (in which playback is limited to 22kHz) at the earliest available opportunity. Both this and the pro version (which costs €30) are available on the HighC website. The software runs on Windows, OS X and even Linux, so everyone can give it a try.