Has Waves just eliminated live PA feedback for good?

Waves has potentially changed live shows forever and for the better, by releasing a plugin that promises to eliminate feedback from PA speaker systems and stage monitors. So, no more scary tinnitus-inducing squeals when the vocalist starts to run about on stage like a mad thing.

Ringing-out a PA and monitors in a live setup is the process of manually removing feedback at a venue. It's always been an arduous task for sound engineers and usually requires more than one person to perform it.

In short, while one engineer waves a microphone around, the other will try to attenuate any offending frequencies at the desk. And this is before the band gets anywhere near sound checking.

The WavesLive X-FDBK Feedback Eliminator plugin promises to make the whole process of ringing-out quicker and easier by analysing and attenuating the rogue frequencies at the press of a button, thus saving time and the need to employ a second sound engineer. Perfect. This might even leave time for the headlining act to perform their entire set at the soundcheck, which would be music to every sound engineer's ears.

X-FDBK Feedback Eliminator is available on both Mac and PC (64-bit) in VST, AAX, AU and RTAS formats, and also supported by most live consoles. The plugin is out now for a special introductory price of $99 (full price $149). For more information go to the Waves website.

Simon Arblaster
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