Frum is an iOS drum synth that promises to 'unlock the potential of FM synthesis'

Frum with faders.
Frum with faders.

Frum is a new FM drum synth for iOS that - so we're told - will unlock the potential of FM synthesis by "harnessing the unlimited, free power of complex sound waves".

FM synthesis can be quite a complex beast, but the makers of Frum have taken a new approach to sound design by stuffing all the parameters into one control: the BUG button. Each press of the BUG button will offer entirely new textures.

However, you can further explore the workings of each sound within the app's unique interface, and you should be able to craft drums, other percussion, fat bass, organic noises such as insect songs, environmental sounds, human screams and all sorts of intriguing melodies.

At its heart, Frum has a four-operator FM/PM engine, and the sounds are crafted with the aid of a filter, plus overdrive and auto-pan effects. The app also features a 64-step sequencer per pattern and can hold a maximum of 150 patterns.

Frum is available on the Apple App Store now for a special introductory price of £2.29/$2.99. For more information, head on over to the Frum website.

Simon Arblaster
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