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FreeHand Systems Music Pad Pro Plus

Save trees and play music at the same time!
Save trees and play music at the same time!

Got a big score but can't spare your hands to turn sheet music? Not a problem with the Music Pad Pro Plus.

Weighing in at just four lbs., the Music Pad Pro Plus from FreeHand Systems offers musicians and conductors alike the ability to view entire pieces of music on an easy-to-read, low-glare touch screen. The LCD back-lit, color display eliminates need for external music stand lighting. With the Music Pad Pro Plus you can store your entire music library or download over 98,000 digital music scores already formatted for the MusicPad Pro Plus. Features include the ability to fully annotative with zoom in and zoom out while writing.

You can add or erase rehearsal marks and notations. Text annotation is possible via an virtual keyboard. And there's even easy access to a half-page turn option for look-ahead.

Other specs include an audio player for MIDI and a file browser and quick search; a resolution of 1024 x 768; 64MB Flash memory, 128MB RAM, 64MB Flash memory module; Video out - Audio out; AC power and rechargeable battery; 2 USB ports (1 host, 1 device); and a built-in jack for foot pedal.

The list price for the Music Pad Pro Plus is $899 and carries a one-year warranty. Additionally, for $49.95 you can add Premium features such as wireless networking, a metronome, a pitch pipe, an audio player for mp3s, and a variety of colour pens and annotation tools. So get your hands off that sheet music and back on your instrument, where they belong.