Free Korg nanoKontrol plug-in for GarageBand/Logic

Using the nanoKontrol with GarageBand just got a little easier
Using the nanoKontrol with GarageBand just got a little easier.

What's this, a virtual version of Korg's nanoKontrol? Not quite, but the new free nanoKontrol Control Surface plug-in does promises to make it easier for GarageBand and Logic users to integrate this micro-mixing device into their setups.

Developed in response to requests from users, the new plug-in promises to "dramatically improve" nanoKontrol performance within GarageBand and Logic.

"Because Apple's GarageBand didn't previously allow users to assign CC settings, there was no way for nano users to customise MIDI controllers," says Korg.

"By using the nanoKontrol Control Surface plug-in for GarageBand/Logic, installation is done as recommended by Apple and nanoKontrol works with Logic Pro without complicated settings."

Put simply, the plug-in makes configuring the nanoKontrol much easier when used with GarageBand and Logic. Controls supported include the transport, volume/pan/mute/solo for each channel, EQ and effect send. Users can also control beyond the ninth channel.

The plug-in can be downloaded from the Korg UK website.