Focusrite's iOS Control app is here and it's free

Focusrite has announced a new a new app for iOS that will help you take control of your audio interface via an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

The app will allow you to take control of most Focusrite interfaces from the Scarlett 6i6 (2nd gen) and upwards. This also includes the newer Clarett and Red interface ranges.

Depending on the Focusrite interface you have, you can control a whole host of features remotely. You can configure various input settings such as Mic/Line/Instrument mode or engage Air mode.

If you own a Red interface, you'll be able to access gain and other preamp settings such as stereo linking and phase reversal.

The app enables you to control individual software playback and input monitor levels for each mix you create in Focusrite Control. Plus, you'll be able to adjust your own monitoring levels while sitting at the drum kit or in the vocal booth.

The app is available to download now for free from the Apple App Store. For more information, check out the Focusrite website.

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