FL Studio 12 moves into beta testing

Said to be expected some time in 2015, FL Studio 12 was announced back in April. Existing users have had their way with the Alpha version, and now the beta version is here.

Updates from the Alpha version included browser changes, per-channel swing, interchangeable piano roll/step sequencers and a vector-based user interface for better sizing options.

The beta version also enhances FL's multitouch credentials, and sees improvements to the Fruity Keyboard Controller, the Fruity Envelope Controller, and the Fruity Formula Controller, as well as numerous squashed bugs.

Existing FL Studio users can get onto the beta now at the Image-Line website, and will be able to get v12 for free upon its release. If you don't own FL Studio already, Image-Line's lifetime upgrades mean that you don't have cause to regret making your purchase too early.