FIRST LOOK: Euphonix MC Mix unwrapped!

We ve plugged it in and it works Well the lights do anyway
We've plugged it in and it works! (Well, the lights do anyway...)

Well looky what turned up at the offices of Computer Music magazine today - it's the new MC Mix DAW controller from Euphonix.

Launched at NAMM, this is the more affordable of the company's new home-studio-friendly control surfaces - Euphonix is also launching the touchscreen-equipped MC Control - and features eight touch-sensitive motorized faders, eight touch-sensitive dials, numerous buttons and an integrated display.

So, what are our first impressions? Well, the unit is certainly well-packaged - it took several minutes to break through the multiple layers of cardboard:

Euphonix box JPG

Euphonix box.JPG

Euphonix cardboard JPG

Euphonix cardboard.JPG

Euphonix packaging JPG

Euphonix packaging.JPG

It's well-built, too, with the case feeling sturdy (the end panels can be removed should you wish to connect multiple Euphonix controllers) and the faders/dials moving smoothly. The device comes with a laptop-style power supply and a couple of brackets that raise it up off the desk slightly:

Euphonix mc mix2 JPG


As has been widely reported, both the MC Mix and MC Control connect to the computer using an Ethernet rather than USB cable (they support Euphonix's EuCon protocol), and when you plug the MC Mix in all the lights come on:

Euphonix lights JPG

Euphonix lights.JPG


So, all seems well at the moment: the unit feels good and will undergo full testing very shortly. Look out for reviews in issue 125 of Computer Music (on sale April 9) and on MusicRadar soon.

The MC Mix costs $1400/£699 and is available now, while the MC Control will ship in March priced at $2000/£999. Finr out more at the Euphonix website.