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Experience a "synthesis organism" with Sugar Bytes' Obscurium plugin

Sugar Bytes has announced the release of Obscurium, a generative plugin synthesizer that "feeds on scales, chords and synthesis, producing vivid harmonics paired with an elaborate aesthetic."

What looks to be a sound designer's dream, Obscurium is an 8-voice synth bolstered with a plethora of tools to create and modify sequences and melodies.

The user interface is designed to be playful and easy to use and, alongside its own sound generation, the synth can also host VST instruments.

Obscurium supports VST/AU/RTAS/AAX formats and is compatible with 32- and 64-bit host on Mac and PC. It is priced at $99/€99 and available to buy from the Sugar Bytes website, where a demo is also available.

Sugar Bytes Obscurium features:

  • 8-voice Saw, Pulse, Super-Saw and FM Synthesis
  • More than 400 excellent presets incl. pads, drums, atmos
  • Motion Sequencer delivering sequential melodies and sounds, plus Plugin Automation
  • Draw Tools, Modifiers and Super Obscure Mode to build and modify sequences
  • Generative harmonies at your fingertips or normal MIDI-Input
  • Shift Fader to freely swap parameters and targets
  • VST Plugin Hosting