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ERGO makes your studio sound better

ERGO's simplistic design hides some powerful processing.
ERGO's simplistic design hides some powerful processing.

Like IK Multimedia's recently launched ARC system, KRK's ERGO is designed to analyse the acoustics of your room and then correct any problems that it finds. However, unlike ARC, ERGO does its processing in hardware.

When performing its room analysis, ERGO needs to be connected to your Mac or PC over FireWire, but once this has been done it can operate standalone (it also works as a speaker control unit and master volume control). 1000 filters are included, and these are used to reduce 'bad' room sound.

KRK claims that, with the ERGO doing its thing, you'll be left with a more accurate monitoring system that will enable you to produce better mixes.

The hardware also doubles up as a 4-in/6-out FireWire audio interface.

ERGO is due to be released in April and will cost $799. You can find out more about the product and the technology that powers it at the KRK website.