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Elysia releases Museq EQ plugin

Museq is a new EQ plugin from Elysia that recreates the hardware equalisation unit of the same name.

Designed to have a 'musical' sound, this offers all the key features of the hardware. These include the high- and low-pass filters and Warm Mode sound shaper, which is designed to bring transparency, colouration or a bit of both to your mixes.

Additionally, you'll find an MS Mode, which is based around an M/S matrix for mid/side processing, the option to link channels for convenient stereo operation, and dedicated output level controllers that adjust settings based on the available headroom.

You get two versions of the plugin: Master gives you all the features and controls; and Mix strips things back for quick and easy operation.

Find out more in the intro video above. You can buy or download a demo of Museq in Mac/PC formats from the Plugin Alliance website. It costs $249.