Elektron officially rolls out Overbridge 1.10 and Analog Rytm gets an update

Elektron Overbridge 1.10 has officially been released after several months in public beta, and the Analog Rytm has received an OS update, too.

A slew of new features await Overbridge users, including AU plugin and OS X El Capitan support. The update is available now and can be downloaded from the Elektron website.

New feature highlights

  • Total Recall of all Elektron instrument parameters from DAW project
  • Considerably updated GUI
  • AU plugin format support
  • Support for Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Improved support for numerous DAW hosts
  • Tighter sync between Elektron instruments and DAW host
  • Support for smaller DAW host buffers
  • Plugin sidechaining allowing analog processing of DAW audio directly via the plugin
  • Automatable track mutes for the Elektron sequencer
  • Usability refinements
  • Numerous stability and performance fixes

If you are an Analog Rytm owner then today has just got doubly nice for you. Alongside the update to Overbridge is a new OS update for the Swedish firm's insanely deep beat-maker.

The most notable thing in OS 1.30 is the addition of 12 new analogue percussion synthesis models, which nearly doubles the range of those available. On offer are synthesis models for kick drums, snare drums, hi-hats, cymbals and more.

The update is also available to download now from the Elektron website. However, you will need to download and install Overbridge 1.10 to take full advantage of Analog Rytm OS 1.30.

New synthesis models include

  • Basic Hi-hat - with a tinny electronic sound
  • Metallic open hi-hat and closed hi-hat - both with a snappy metallic sound
  • Ride Cymbal - a selectable cymbal oscillator type and also individual levels for the cymbal components
  • Metallic cymbal and cowbell - both with a snappy metallic sound
  • Sharp Bass drum - a modern, hard-hitting bass drum model based on a single VCO featuring user-selectable waveforms
  • Silky Bass drum - with a large sweet spot and a gentle VCO click for shaping the transient
  • Plastic Bass drum - utilises both ring modulation and frequency modulation between two VCOs to achieve distinct and almost plastic-sounding harmonics
  • Natural Snare drum - based on a single-VCO configuration with user-configurable noise colour
  • Noise Generator - with a resonant low pass filter and a high pass filter
  • Impulse Generator - generates a short pulse with controllable attack, decay and polarity
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