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E-MU releases free Proteus sound module

Proteus VX puts classic E-MU sounds on your desktop.
Proteus VX puts classic E-MU sounds on your desktop.

E-MU's Proteus series of sound modules is legendary, and the company has now made one of the software versions available as a free download.

Previously available exclusively as part of the E-MU Production Tools Software Bundle that's included with various E-MU hardware products, the Proteus VX features over 1,000 sounds from the classic Proteus 2000 sound module.

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The free version comes with the enhanced version 2.0.1 of the Proteus X Composer Bank. It also offers the same Z-Plane filters as you'll find in the Proteus X2 software sound module, and can be used either standalone or as a VST plug-in.

To qualify for you free download, you simply need to go to the E-MU website and register for the company newsletter. The only downside is that the software is PC-only.

The Proteus VX release comes as E-MU is putting the finishing touches to its Emulator X3 sampler.