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DirtyGirl synth has R-rated interface

Have you seen DirtyGirl's naughty side?
Have you seen DirtyGirl's naughty side?

Plug-in instruments are many things - practical, useful, affordable etc - but sexy isn't really one of them. However, with DirtyGirl, Opulent Audio has released an analogue/FM/granular synth with an interface that's R-rated.

DirtyGirl's standard GUI is actually pretty tame - it contains a couple of oscillators, two filters, an arpeggiator, a 'dirt' module, a synced granulator, a reverb, a mod matrix and an LFO - but it also has a rather naughtier front-end. We can't show you it here, but if you want to take a peek, you can contact the developer via the Opulent Audio website and ask him to send you a screenshot.

MusicRadar hasn't actually seen the sexed-up interface - we like to keep our minds pure, you see - but we're curious to know what it contains and what it enables you to tweak. So, if you've given DirtyGirl the once over, let us know what she looks like.

DirtyGirl is available now. It comes free with Opulent Audio's Blo-Fish, which costs $8. Both are PC-only and come in the VST format.