Delora rsTouch app for Propellerhead Reason

Delora's rsTouch app aims to free-up screen real-estate for your sequencer and other racks by letting your iPad take care of Reason's mixer and transport sections.

Showing all the famous faders, EQs and metering of the main software and allowing multi-touch control, the app will happily work over a wired MIDI connection or via an iOS wireless MIDI connection.

It's available now from Apple's App Store priced at £6.99/$9.99.

Delora rsTouch features

  • Control transport functions (Beginning, Backward, Forward, Pause/Stop, Play, Record)
  • Toggle Loop and Metronome on/off
  • Click settings changeable in popup
  • Eight Channel names and numbers displayed on all Mixer screens
  • Access more than eight channels by one, by eight or with user programmable bank buttons
  • Multi-touch Fader control of channel levels; value displayed
  • Channel meters
  • Adjust Pan level for every channel; value displayed
  • Mute or Solo any channel
  • Reset/clear all mute or solo enabled channels
  • Dynamic displays show playhead timecode and bar-beat location
  • Tempo displayed; changeable in popup
  • Tap tempo
  • Big meter displayed; reset all overs; settings controlled in popup
  • Master screen mimics Reason's master section controls
  • Undo or Redo last action
  • Dim (lower) volume on all Mixer screens
  • Alt and Dub record options
  • Edit up to 8 send levels per channel
  • Enable/bypass and edit up to 4 parameter settings for inserts
  • Step through inserts
  • EQ screens mimic Reason's Channel EQ editing capability
  • Dynamics screens mimic Reason's Channel Compressor and Gate editing capability
  • IN screen mimics Reason's Channel Input editing capability
  • Set Start and End Loop positions
  • Move to new playhead position using the slider strip
  • Double tap most faders and rotaries to default position
  • Preference setting for faders to "jump" on touch
  • Preference setting to disable iPad sleep mode (Autolock)
  • Retina display graphics support