Defiantly digital Modor NF-1 synth breaks cover

Modor NF-1: it's digital, alright?
Modor NF-1: it's digital, alright?

With the NF-1, Modor Music claims to have completely retooled each and every element within the standard structure of Virtual Analog synths.

"We use the classic structure of VA-synths, with oscillators, filters and effects, with parameters that can be modulated using LFO's and envelopes, but every element has been retought and reinvented. In a digital way."

"Yes, it's digital and we're proud of it!" Modor's statement continues, rather stridently. "We are making a very hands-on, laborious new synth having plenty of knobs and switches right on top of it to shape any sound parameter that's in it. Nothing to look up in menus!"

For more info and sound samples, head over to the Modor Music site. The NF-1 is now shipping for €995.



POLYPHONY: 8 voices

MEMORY: 448 patches, all factory presets overwritable

DISPLAY: 16x2 green backlit LCD display

CONNECTIONS: 9V, 600mA adapter connection, positive voltage on center pin, MIDI IN/THRU/OUT connections, 3x 5-pin DIN connection, Audio Left and Right outputs, 6.35mm mono jack, Sustain switch, 6.35mm mono jack, Volume/modulation pedal, 6.35mm stereo jack

FRONT PANEL CONTROLS: 42 rotary knobs + 20 switches, 1 rotary encoder control, 1 Power switch/volume knob

MIDI: Full realtime MIDI control of all sound parameters; Pitch Bend, Modwheel (CTRL#1), Expression pedal (CTRL#7), Velocity and Aftertouch can be used as modulation sources

MEASUREMENTS:Width: 440mm without rack ears, 480mm with rack ears (19"); Height: 267mm (10.5"/ 6U); Depth: 40mm (front) - 80mm (back)

RACKMOUNTABLE:Height: 6 rackunits; Recessed backside connections to ease rack mounting (no lost rackspace above); Rack mounting ears included

We hope to get our hands on the Modor NF-1 at Musikmesse later in the month - watch this space...

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