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Decimort gives you the sound of a hardware sampler

Dirty up your sound with Decimort.
Dirty up your sound with Decimort.

Do you miss the grit and colour that you used to get from your old hardware sampler? If so, d16's Decimort could be a plug-in worth adding to your virtual rack. This is the latest addition to the company's Silver Line range of effects.

This is a bit-crusher that offers a resampling algorithm and analogue-style filters. The left and right channels can be processed separately in stereo mode, with different parameters on each channel.

All of the plug-in's internal processing is 64-bit, and you get a selection of presets. MIDI learn functionality is also in place.

Decimort is available for pre-order now priced at €29 (it's cross-platform and supports the VST and AU plug-in formats). It'll be released in early October, when the price will rise to €35.

Find out more on the d16 website.