Cycling '74 reinvents Max/MSP

Max/MSP 5 is available in a box or as a download.
Max/MSP 5 is available in a box or as a download.

Casual music software users may not even have heard of Cycling ‘74´s Max/MSP, but people who like to develop their own interactive performance tools will tell you that it´s the application that they couldn´t do without. Fans include the likes of Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and Radiohead.

The good news for these artists and many others is that version 5 of the software has just been released. Said to have been in development for over two years, Cycling ´74 is claiming that this ushers in a new era for Max/MSP.

New features include a redesigned multi-processing kernel, a streamlined development environment, a new patcher interface, a searchable database of objects and examples, integrated documentation and new tutorials. Cycling ´74 is saying that the learning curve for new users is now smoother, and that existing users will see improved productivity.

Max/MSP 5 is available now priced at $495. It can be purchased as a download or via your local distributor. The upgrade price for existing users is $199, though people who purchased the software after October 1 2007 can move up to version 5 for free.

If you want to find out more about Max/MSP and what you can do with it, check out the Cycling ´74 website.