Could Positive Grid's AI Drums be more intelligent than a real drummer?

Musical differences shouldn't be an issue with AI Drums.
Musical differences shouldn't be an issue with AI Drums.

Positive Grid can already provide you with modelled guitar amps and effects in your iPad, and now the company is set to provide a virtual drummer as well. In fact, it's claimed that AI Drums could be your "best songwriting partner", being "the world's first artificial intelligence drum app".

Positive Grid says that, with just a few finger taps, AI Drums can learn your song structure, BPM and music style. It'll then search through thousands of drum patterns and kits in the cloud and select those that are most suitable, though you can change the 'feel'.

We're also told that, because it uses "the latest AI technology and deep machine learning", the more you use AI Drums, the more it learns about your drum preferences. The loops will come from both pro drummers and the Positive Grid community - giving you a potentially limitless source of grooves - and you'll be able to customise both your drum kit's components and its sound.

That's about as much as we know about AI Drums at this stage, but you can sign up for the beta test program and to receive email updates on the Positive Grid website.

Ben Rogerson
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