Control Studio One from your iPad with new Remote app

You can now take Remote control of Studio One.
You can now take Remote control of Studio One.

In common with the likes of Apple and Steinberg, PreSonus has released an iPad controller app for its DAW. Studio One Remote is designed as a "second screen" wireless control surface for Studio One Professional, and is available now for free.

The app enables you to control the transport and mix console, track Macro Controls, custom commands, and built-in and third-party VST and AU plugins. The only stipulation is that the Mac or PC running Studio One has to be on the same network as the iPad controlling it.

In fact, you can have several iPads running Studio One Remote and controlling the same version of Studio One, which could be useful when you're collaborating.

A feature list is below, and you can download Studio One Remote now from the Apple App Store. It's compatible with Studio One Professional 3.0.1 (which has also just been made available) or later.

Find out more on the PreSonus website.

PreSonus Studio One Remote features

  • Control any copy of Studio One running on the same network. Collaborate or create extended workspaces through control of one instance of Studio One from multiple instances of Studio One Remote on independent iPads.
  • Mix page provides access to the Mix Console, including inserts, sends, inputs, outputs, and cue mixes.
  • Mix page provides seamless navigation through the transport bar and timeline ruler with markers, and arranger sections. The built-in meter bridge also works as a song overview.
  • Control your entire effects chain on any channel through access to user-definable Macro Controls with eight assignable knobs, eight buttons, and two powerful XY vector pads.
  • Adjust and automate individual plug-ins with eight sliders, eight knobs, and two XY vector pads. Stock Native Effects™ come preprogrammed and third-party plug-in parameters are assignable via Control Link.
  • Adjust multiple cue mixes with independent faders and access markers.
  • Build or modify song structures through control of Arranger sections.
  • Step away from your desk and set record modes, pre-count, and metronome settings while tracking.
  • Speed your editing workflow through access to Studio One's powerful, user-definable key commands and via the Commands page.
  • Studio One Remote is based on PreSonus' UCNET protocol for fast, reliable network connectivity and remote control. UCNET also powers such PreSonus applications as UC Surface and Capture.
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