Computer Music – LIVE 9.5: THE CREATIVE GUIDE – Issue 225, January 2016

CM225 is out now in Print and Digital formats
CM225 is out now in Print and Digital formats

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Got Live 9.5? Get more out of it right now with our practical, creative guide to the awesome new features. We've got essential techniques for the funky new Simpler, sound design sessions with the new Max for Live synths, and of course, plenty of ways to use those tasty new analogue-modelled filters.

Over 9 pages with 7 videos, we'll show you all this…

  • Self-resonating risers with Operator's new filters
  • Pitchshifting samples in Simpler's new Warp mode
  • Filthy rave synths with Poli, the new Max for Live synth
  • Beat-chopping, Simpler-style, with the new Slice mode
  • Righteous Reese design with the new M4L Bass synth

…And much, much more, in our huge how-to guide!

And we'll let you know exactly what we think of the new additions with CM verdicts for each feature! Get started with this issue's video tutorials below, and get the rest in cm225.


Every issue of CM sees a new free instrument or effect giveaway, and this month's offering is Nora CM, a powerful, super-creative MIDI arpeggiator that'll send your inspiration into overdrive!

Nora can take static chords and bring their notes to life. Use either preset patterns or program your own lines, arpeggios and reinterpreted chords using the Phrase Grid, and even alter Velocity for output note data. Nora CM goes deeper than your average up/down-button-toting arpeggiator, and it's free with this issue! For more info, check out our dedicated Nora CM page and the video below.


Are you using your two monitors to your complete advantage? Today's sophisticated productions need to measure up, and mastery over the stereo field is a crucial part of the process. We're going to broaden your stereo horizons this month, in the first instalment of a two-part professional guide.

Do you know how the human ear works? Do you know why music is made in stereo? Do you know what's really happening when you pan sounds, and why? In this feature, we'll get your primed for the wider world of stereo production techniques, taking you through the science, the techniques and the methods of stereo production and recording.

922 FREE SAMPLES - Sparse Soundscapes

Seeking inspiration? We've put together this huge pack of ambient, evolving samples to layer up into a personalised soundbed. You'll find over 900 samples in this month's pack, covering everything from vinyl-textured atmospheres, through dark ambient beats, to processed noise loops. It's everything you need to set the scene for a track or provide a soundscape to run behind it and fill out a mix. what's more, all the samples are royalty-free - a gift from us to you in the latest issue of Computer Music.


Soundtoys' analogue-style delay effect is an essential plugin in any music-making setup. Over this five-page feature and its seven accompanying videos, we'll show you how to use it to your full advantage.

Get to grips with EchoBoy's modes, control its delay taps visually with the Rhythm Editor, take command over its saturation features and Echo Styles, and find out how to use it as part of the new Effect Rack in Soundtoys 5.

If you've yet to take EchoBoy for a spin, check out the below video to see us put it through its paces in style.


The dark lord of dirty dancefloor DnB opens his studio up to CM this month for a special Producer Masterclass session. Known for both his solo work and releases as part of experimental bass music duo Machinecode, Current Value - aka Tim Eliot - shows off his synthesis chops in his Berlin studio, conjuring up a beat & bass combo right before our eyes, using nothing but Ableton's Operator synth and Live's built-in effects.

Check out Tim's messianic FM synthesis skills in the first half of the video, and remember to grab this issue of CM to see the concluding second part!


  • Designer Sounds: How can you make your sub bass work over both huge club sound systems and smaller speakers? DnB guru Charlie Bierman - aka Break - shows you how in his tutorial and video
  • Dr Beat: Get your kick drums funking right with Ronan Macdonald's programming masterclass
  • Geek Technique: The foolproof technique for loud mixdowns revealed as Owen Palmer gives you a whole new perspective on headroom
  • Music Theory: This month, find out how Harmonic Rhythm works, and take better control of the pacing of your music


  • GusGus: Birgir Thórarinsson, engineer with the chilled Icelandic collective, talks Logic, modularmanipulation, and how to work on music more creatively
  • FXpansion: Angus Hewlett talks about how the British music software developers come up with new plugin designs
  • Goldfish: The South African production duo tell us their top five bits of music software


  • Native Instruments Reaktor 6
  • iZotope RX 5
  • Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra
  • M-Audio Code 49
  • Lindell Audio 254E
  • DMG Audio Expurgate
  • Accusonus Era-D

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