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Can MOTU attract the EDM crowd with Digital Performer 9?

MOTU's Digital Performer has a loyal, well-established user base, but with the release of version 9, the DAW might just attract a few new users, too.

This looks like a pretty significant update, with the MX4 MultiSynth - which comes complete with an EDM soundbank - representing an attempt by MOTU to provide a 'go-to' synth that draws on a variety of synthesis technologies.

There are also five new effect plugins: the MasterWorks FET-76, which emulates the 1176LN compressor; the QuadraFuzz-inspired MultiFuzz; the intriguing MegaSynth, which is designed to make a guitar sound like a synth; and the MicroG and MicroB polyphonic octave generators, which are designed for guitar and bass respectively.

Add to this some significant workflow and feature enhancements - dedicated automation lanes for every track, a built-in spectral display, support for Apple's Retina screens, and MIDI Learn for quick and easy parameter mapping - and you've got yourself a pretty chunky revision.

There are other tweaks, too - go to the MOTU website for further details, and take a look at the video to get an overview of the new features.

Digital Performer 9 is available now for PC and Mac priced at $499. Upgrade and crossgrade deals are also on offer.