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Bohemian Rhapsody sung by HP ScanJet 3C

Better than Paul Rodgers?
Better than Paul Rodgers?

Think back to summer 2008 and you'll remember that the craze sweeping the internet (one small part of it, anyway) was to create cover versions of popular songs using bits of old-school computer hardware.

A remix of Radiohead's Nude quickly inspired a new interpretation of Lipps Inc's Funkytown, which led us to predict that a cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was surely only weeks away.

Well, we were a bit off with the timing - it's taken more like nine months - but that cover has now arrived courtesy of bd594 (creator of the Funkytown video), and it's a bit of an epic.

The 'band' features an Atari 800XL computer on piano/organ; a Texas Instruments TI-99/4a computer on lead guitar; an 8-inch floppy disk on bass; a 3.5-inch hard drive as the gong; and an HP ScanJet 3C for all vocals.

And that's all there is to it: no effects or sampling were involved at all.

Critics will scoff that there are tuning and timing issues along the way but, as bd594 (is he a robot or something?) points out, the tools he used "are not musical instruments".

The video is below - we've included the Nude and Funkytown covers as well for old times' sake.

(Via Synthtopia)