Bastl Instruments brings some melodic craziness with the bitRanger handheld synth

Bastl Instruments has introduced bitRanger, a portable synth. Or, to put it more precisely, a "patchable analog logic computer which sculpts sonic worlds ranging from data noise to melodic arpeggios".

This patchable handheld synth has been made in collaboration with Peter Edwards, AKA Casper Electronics. It features a rather a crazy-looking single-pin patchbay (similar to the Moog Werkstatt-Ø1) that has been designed with sonic exploration in mind.

The patchbay includes 118 jumper cable patch points, and each oscillator has three differently slewed CV inputs, sync inputs, rate knob and bend points.

There are three main patching sections. First, Data Divider Bits, where you can use clocks at different speeds to create patterns. Below that is the Adventure Bits section, which lets you get crazy by adding irregular rhythmical elements. Finally, the MUX 1 and MUX 2 input section enables you to modulate data loops and waveforms.

The first limited edition run of bitRanger will be on sale at Moogfest for the special price of $259. It is also available to buy on the website now for €222 (excluding tax) and will be shipping in June.

bitRanger features:

  • LFO clock oscillator for rhythmical modulation
  • VCO oscillator is synced to the HFO oscillator
  • 4 modes of operation selectable by 2 switches
  • built in speaker with volume control
  • 9V DC center positive power supply input
  • 9V battery compartment from the bottom
  • On /Off switch
  • expansion connector
  • package includes 3 photo resistors - make your oscillators respond to light by plugging these into the Bend socket
Simon Arblaster
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