Audiobus updated for Apple iOS 7

Ever since Apple revealed that Inter App Audio will finally be making an appearance in iOS 7, speculation has been rife as to what this means for the future of Audiobus, the audio connection standard that many iPad and iPhone users have already taken to their hearts.

Well, we now know that Audiobus has been updated to be iOS 7-ready - the developer has confirmed as much on the Audiobus tumblr. It's also teased another big update, which is set to add Audiobus connection presets (presumably so that you won't have to set things up 'manually' every time), multi-channel input device support... and something else that'll be confirmed "later on".

We're guessing that this means after iOS 7 has actually rolled out, at which point we'll know how Audiobus and Inter App Audio will coexist. The Audiobus guys certainly seem to think that their product has a future, though - we're looking forward to discovering how it'll all shake out.

Ben Rogerson

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