Audio Warrior debuts 12-string acoustic plug-in

The Audio Warrior 12 string can be strummed manually of automatically
The Audio Warrior 12-string can be strummed manually of automatically.

Time was when emulating even a six-string acoustic guitar in software was difficult, but with its latest release, Audio Warrior is ambitiously offering users a plug-in that promises to recreate the sound of an Adamas Ovation 12-string model.

The Studio Acoustic 12-String Guitar Plug-in can either be strummed manually or set to auto-strum mode. A sample-based instrument, it works at any tempo and in any key and comes complete with a selection of MIDI files.

Audio Warrior claims that thousands of chords combinations are possible; the plug-in uses the company's G-Mapped technology to enable users to create authentic-sounding strummed chords from a basic MIDI keyboard.

Compatible with Mac and PC, the 12-String Acoustic Guitar Plug-in supports the VST, AU and ReWire standards and also runs standalone (it's based on Steinberg's HALion Player technology). It can currently be downloaded from the Audio Warrior website for the reduced price of $49 (the list price is $100).