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Atari console becomes hardware synth

Yep, it definitely looks retro.
Yep, it definitely looks retro.

We all know that some of the best synths now run on computers, but Fridgebuzzz's Atari Synth is the first we've seen to be actually built into a piece of computer hardware.

Based on the case of an Atari 400 console, though the innards are all new, this is a 12-oscillator, three-modulator square wave synth.

Triggering of the 12 oscillators comes via the arcade-style pushbuttons (you can also activate a 'drone' mode), while the sound can be tweaked using the knobs on the top.

Audio output and power sockets are round the back, where you'll also find a volume control.

If you fancy buying the Atari Synth, we're afraid you're out of luck - it's already been sold - but Fridgebuzzz does say that it's working on a handheld version.

(Via Boing Boing Gadgets)