Arturia's preset converter comes to the rescue for V-Collection owners

Pain-free and simple.
Pain-free and simple.

Arturia has released a preset converter for users wanting to make the jump from V-Collection 4 to V-Collection 5 as painless as possible.

The modifications made to its latest synth collection meant that your presets are not backwards compatible, so all that hard work you put in creating new sounds in version 4 would be in vain when updating to version 5.

Fear not, for the new VC5 Preset Updater will allow you to port all your sounds in a few short steps: "Download it, scan your presets in a click, select the ones you want to convert and you're done!", sounds simple enough.

The VC5 Preset Updater can be found on the Arturia V-Collection 5 resources page.

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