Arturia teases new analogue synth; MicroBrute images leaked

You're not supposed to have seen this yet.
You're not supposed to have seen this yet.

So on Friday, Arturia teased a new product that it'll be releasing on 25 October. Based on the quotes it's posted on its website from musicians who've already tried it, all the indications are that this will be a compact new analogue synth.

At around the same time, leaked images of a new Arturia synth that appears to be called the MicroBrute appeared elsewhere online (see above). We'll let you decide for yourself whether these two events are in any way related, but we're going to stick our necks out and suggest that they are.

The early indications are that this is a single oscillator, preset-free analogue synth that's based on the existing MiniBrute but is even smaller and has mini keys. There's a modulation matrix/patchbay of some sort, plus a sequencer section.

The cat will be let fully out of the bag on Friday, presumably, though to be honest, this particular pussy appears to have clawed its own way to freedom. A price of around €300 is being talked about, so will we be able to add the MicroBrute to our list of the best affordable hardware synths? It certainly looks like it could be a contender.

Ben Rogerson
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