Arthur is the modular mixer that you can design and build yourself

Arthur: choose your modules and stick them together.
Arthur: choose your modules and stick them together.

When you're buying a new mixer, it stands to reason that you'll try and find one with the inputs and outputs that best suit your requirements. But if you come to the conclusion that such a mixer doesn't actually exist, maybe there's a case for designing your own.

This might sound like I/O-filled pie in the sky, but thanks to Schertler's Group's Arthur, you can make the dream of a self-designed mixer a reality. You can choose from a selection of Class-A input and output modules and configure them in any order and quantity you like, though larger mixers will require a bigger power supply.

You can spec up your mixer on the Schertler website and preview it as a 'virtual build' as you go. Once you've got your components you can put them together using connecting rods and hexagonal screws, and then re-order modules or add new ones as you wish.

Find out more and start designing on the Schertler website.

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