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Apple quietly updates white MacBook

The 'old' MacBook is now better than ever.
The 'old' MacBook is now better than ever.

Maybe it's because Apple would rather you bought one of the new models, or maybe it just didn't think it was worth mentioning, but the company has seemingly updated its white MacBook to include a better processor, more RAM and integrated NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics.

The 2.0GHz CPU now has a 1,066MHz frontside bus, and the machine comes with 2GB of RAM rather than 1GB.

Given that the white MacBook also includes a FireWire 400 port - something that its successor lacks - we'd say that it's now definitely our preferred option for music.

Strangely, the UK Apple Store still seems to be listing the old specs, but the enhanced white MacBook can be ordered from the US Apple Store now for $999.