Aphex Twin to bring his Remote Orchestra project to the UK this autumn

Richard James, better known as legendary electronic musician Aphex Twin, is set to bring his Remote Orchestra project to London for a one-off show this October.

The project - which had its first and to-date only performance at the European Culture Congress in Poland last year - sees James conducting a 28-piece string section and 12-person choir remotely using MIDI controllers, headphones and remote visual cues.

Check out the video above to see the concept in action - a work of contemporary classical music that owes a clear debt to electronic pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Not exactly mainstream friendly - even by Aphex Twin standards.

The performance will also include a performance of called Interactive Tuned Feedback Pendulum Array that builds on Steve Reich's '60s piece Pendulum Music, a work that saw Reich experimenting with microphones suspended over speakers.

Remote Orchestra Featuring The Heritage Orchestra and Choir will perform at London's Barbican Hall on 10 October. More info and tickets over at the Barbican's site.

Si Truss

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