Amazing Noises' GliderVerb hits the App Store

Amazing Noises have released their first iOS app, GliderVerb, a reverb expanding on a Supercollider 2 algorithm by James McCartney. While the original had no editable parameters, GliderVerb - described as a "reverberator with glissandos" - uses plenty of them to fulfil its primary remits of "simulating a room gradually changing its shape" in Delay mode and creating "a droning resonance which can be tuned to any tempered note" in Pitch mode.

These controls include input and output filters, Room Size, Diffusion, Glissando Frequency and more, and all can be randomised at the touch of a button for instant inspiration when required. The controls can also be modulated via MIDI or accelerometer input.

A freemium app, GliderVerb's full potential is realised via a £4.99 IAP that unlocks live input (without it you can only feed it signals via the built-in sample player) and the Pad. This last is an X/Y pad that enables you to play "pitched impulses" into the reverb (as shown in the video). These can be tapped and dragged in manually or generated randomly, with scale locking keeping them in tune.

Supporting AudioCopy/Paste, AudioBus and Inter-App Audio, GliderVerb looks to be a fun and genuinely novel effects processor for iOS musicians. It's on the App Store now.