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Ableton launches Live 9.1, adds dual monitor support and more

Ableton has unveiled a new free update to Live 9, which is available to download now as a public beta.

Notably, Live 9.1 allows the DAW's Session and Arrangement views to be opened in separate windows, which can be spread across two monitors. This ability to work across both views simultaneously via a dual monitor setup has long been one of the most regularly requested features from Live users, so is likely prove a popular development amongst long-time fans of the software.

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The update also adds a new Melodic Step Sequencer mode for Push, allowing instruments parts to be precisely edited using the hardware's pads. Precise automation tweaks can now be added to melodic clips via Push too.

Owners of Live 9 can download 9.1 now as a public beta. Head to the Ableton site for full details and to download.