6th Borough Project - Borough 2 Borough

Two years on from their debut album as 6th Borough Project, One Night in the Borough, Scottish pair Graeme Clark and Craig Smith are back with an impressive and forward-thinking follow-up, Borough 2 Borough.

Although both Craig and Graeme (aka The Revenge) have launched their own labels since their first album, like their debut, their second album is released via Delusions of Grandeur.

This record feels very much like the evolution of the 6th Borough Project sound. Yes, there is plenty of the low-slung, loopy disco magic that first turned heads on to the duo, but Borough 2 Borough also stretches further afield with the odd exploration into darker and more upbeat territory.

We see a much more minimalist, house-style element coming into a few tracks, adding an occasional warehouse and party-starting feel to the pair's palette.

When they are in the more familiar, hypnotic and uplifting mood on Borough 2 Borough, Clark and Smith settle into some lush grooves, injecting soul and colour by the bags full. The vocal loops are addictive, the grooves are effortless and drums funkified.

Easily the most diverse outing for 6th Borough Project yet, Borough 2 Borough hints at an exciting new future for a duo with undeniable talent.

4 out of 5

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