4TrackTrigger DJing controller announced

A controller that's ready for Traktor 2.5
A controller that's ready for Traktor 2.5

Check out the video above to see DJ RASP mash it up on this brand new controller. We even get a sneak peek of an (included?) foot controller that DJ RASP uses to tweak the filter.

There's not much in the way of spec or pricing details at the moment but, when you consider the spec of manufacturer Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions' previous 4midiloop controller, it seems likely that this hand-built four-deck device will be aimed at the higher end of the market,

Are we going to see more DJs ditching the jog wheels? Is a new form controllerism set to replace DJing for good?


4TrackTrigger is the Traktor-Weapon made by the German Faderfox and the Swiss Glanzmann Digital DJ Solutions. A compact and uncompromising 4 Deck Controller, specifically designed for Traktor Pro 2.5 in the external mixer mode. This new instrument is designed with passion for detail and is handmade in Switzerland / Germany. It is the ultimate instrument made by professionals for professionals. It comes with extensive details and a lot of new control features.

150 buttons in different colours and sizes to trigger hot cues, to start samples and to activate effects. 6 displays and 172 LED's for loop length, loop recorder and master clock. 17 encoder for quick access to functions like browse, seek loop-size and loop-move which are a must for a modern digital DJ. 2 additional pedal connections rear sided to control every effect parameter on the fly.

Everything is fitted into an ergonomically and functional aluminium case, powered by Faderfox!

Available mid June 2012, further information will follow shortly...