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38911 Bytes synth gives you the C64 sound

Go back to the '80s with 38911 Bytes.
Go back to the '80s with 38911 Bytes.

With bands such as Crystal Castles currently helping to popularise the ‘8-bit sound´, Odo Synths may have released its 38911 Bytes software at just the right time. This is based on a Commodore 64 application, but comes with a number of additional features.

Looking suitably retro, 38911 Bytes is based on a single oscillator that offers saw, triangle, pulse and pitched noise waveforms. It has a built-in sequencer, a filter (with envelope) that offers low-pass, high-pass and band-pass varieties and pulse width and pitch envelopes.

Also onboard are two LFOs, a ring modulator and a bitcrusher, while the software comes with 128 presets to get you started.

A VST instrument for Windows, 38911 Bytes can be tried for free, though if you want to move any knobs you´ll have to make a donation. You can find out more and listen to an audio example of what the software can do at the Odo Synths website.