Taylor makes master guitar designer Andy Powers a partner

From left: Bob Taylor, Andy Powers and Kurt Listug (Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Taylor have announced that master guitar designer Andy Powers will be joining co-founders Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug as the third partner at the California acoustic guitar company.

Powers joined Taylor in 2011, and has initiated a number of pioneering designs to Taylor’s suite of high-end acoustics – chief among them the the revolutionary V-Class bracing, which promised “a purer platform of sound” with more dynamics and fewer intonation issues,  greater sustain and projection. 

He was also responsible for Taylor’s immaculate Builder’s Edition series and introducing the Grand Pacific body shape, offering round-shoulder dreadnought option that was sure to widen Taylor’s appeal.

In an official statement, Powers said: “I’m thrilled to build guitars and continue this fascinating work I’ve been pursuing since I was a young boy. It’s a genuine pleasure to be able to design the best instruments I can and, within the context of Taylor Guitars, have an opportunity to serve musicians around the world.”

Taylor and Listug believe that having Powers as partner will help secure Taylor’s future, and that the world of acoustic guitar can expect much more innovation to come. 

“Andy is the best guitar builder I have ever met, and I believe the best alive today,” said Taylor. “If anyone ever deserved to be called ‘partner’ with me and Kurt, it is Andy. He’s vital to our future, and together as we combine our talents, we can bring a great musical experience to our customers.”

See Taylor for more information.

And see below for more on the differences between Taylor's V-Class and X-bracing.

Jonathan Horsley

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