Synth-Werk reveals two recreations of classic Moog modular synths

(Image credit: Synth-Werk)

Munich-based manufacturer Synth-Werk has announced the release of two clones of Moog's 1P and 2P modular synthesizers. 

Synth-Werk's remakes of the classic Moogs, the SW 1P-2022 and the SW 2P-2022, recreate Bob Moog's original designs using vintage NOS (new old stock) components, and will be hand-built using many of the same wiring and welding methods as Moog's 1960s manufacturing team. 

Two of the first synthesizers to become commercially available to the public, the Moog Model 1P and Model 2P were originally released in 1969.

Synth-Werk's SW 1P-2022 system is comprised of three oscillators, several filters, a noise generator, two envelope generators, two VCAs, a reverb unit and a mixer. Also included is a sequencer module, which was initially an optional feature of Moog's original design. 

The SW 2P-2022 is based on a similar layout, but doesn't include the sequencer module. Instead, the 2P-2022 features an additional two oscillators, along with a high-pass filter module, and a matrix mixer. Both systems can be ordered in custom configurations that include many of Synth-Werk's other modules. 

Though they're aiming to faithfully recreate the vintage synths' designs, Synth-Werk have made some adjustments in order to improve their reliability. In recreating the synth's oscillator bank, they redesigned the unit's conductive track and component placing in an effort to improve the oscillator's tuning stability. 

The SW 1P-2022 is priced at €13,700 ($14,700), and the SW 2P-2022 will set you back €13,900 ($14,900).

Last year, Moog announced that they were planning to bring the classic Model 10 modular synth back into production. 

Find out more on Synth-Werk's website.


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