Swedish pickup specialists Lundgren release the Hendrix-inspired Grey Monterey single-coil

Lundgren Grey Monterey
(Image credit: Lundgren Guitar Pickups)

Lundgren has announced a new Jimi Hendrix-inspired single-coil pickup, the Grey Monterey. Featuring Alnico 5 magnets and raised pole pieces on the D and G strings, the Grey Monterey is hand-wired to 60s spec and promises “superior clarity, tight bottom and a wooden character in the mids.“

Will they make your Stratocaster sound like Jimi's? Well, that's the impossible dream. You can imagine Hendrix's interior monologue as he burned his guitar onstage during his blistering set at Monterey thinking, "Not even I can top this." But it should would be fun modding your Strat and running these through a Plexi.

Available for €99 or €299 as a set of three with a non-reverse middle pickup, the quality of components and build should be top quality. 

The attention to detail is bang on, with period-appropriate yellow-and-blue push back cloth wire, and each pickup lacquered, dated with the serial number emblazoned on the grey bottom from which they take the first half of their name.

DCR readings are as follows: Bridge 5.9k, Middle 5.8k Neck 5/7k. See Lundgren for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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