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Superbooth 2019 video: The Landscape HC-TT will breathe new life into your old cassette tapes

Superbooth 2019: Brooklyn-based Landscape was showing its new manipulation devices. Namely, the HC-TT and Stereo Field instruments.

The HC-TT stands for Human Controlled Tape Transport and gives you the ability to manually scrub any cassette tape with some neat features including a momentary touch mute and feedback I/O control.

The Stereo Field features the same hands-on approach as the HC-TT and lets you control two analogue stereo preamp circuits via touch plates. The real beauty here is that the Stereo Field can operate as an atonal synthesizer, stereo/quad signal processor, or even a CV controller.

The Stereo Field is out now priced at $380, while the HC-TT is currently available for preorder, costing $330. More details can be found on the Landscape website.