Superbooth 2018: u-he teases Eurorack module ahead of this year’s show

Superbooth 2018: Renowned software developer u-he has teased an image on both Facebook and Instagram channels showing us a glimpse of a branded Eurorack module.

At this stage we have no idea what the module could be, but we are excited at the prospect of one of the biggest names in softsynths getting into the hardware game.

Of course we’re assuming it’s Eurorack, as those fix points and 3.5mm jacks are certainly not part of your average 4U fair. 

The mind races with possibilities of what could be on offer, but we’re mostly hoping that this isn’t a one off.

If anyone is the slightest bit worried that u-he is getting out of the software game, don’t worry, it has reiterated that software is still very much on the menu, in the comments section.

We hope to have some more news before Superbooth 2018, which runs from 3-5 May 2018, returning to the FEZ-Berlin for the show’s third outing.


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