Superbooth 2018: Roland adds four new models to the System-500 club as it expands its Eurorack offering

Superbooth 2018: As expected, Roland is heading to Berlin with new modules for its System-500 range. Inspired by vintage Roland synths from the ‘70s, this includes a selection of Eurorack-format modules that can be combined to create a contemporary modular monster.

First up, there’s the SYS-510 synth, which is based on the 110 VCO, VCF and VCA module from Roland’s System-100m. It offers three oscillator waveforms, a low-pass filter with dual high-pass switch, and a VCA with multiple outputs. There are also inputs for external signals and modulation, as well as output jacks for Eurorack and line-level audio.  

Moving on, the SYS-555 LAG/S&H offers ring modulation, sample-and-hold with seven waveforms and internal LPH, pink and white noise modes, an LFO with internal ENV and VCA and two CV-controlled portamento circuits. It’s a tone-shaping and modulation toolbox that draws inspiration from the System-100m’s 150 and 165 modules.

The SYS-531 Mix, meanwhile, is designed as a central hub for mixing mono and stereo signals. It offers six input channels, each of which has its own level slider, CV-controlled pan knob and mute button. There’s a stereo preamp for mic or line-level signals, along with headphones and multi-format output sections that come with a dedicated volume knob for quick control. The LED indicators are there to provide visual feedback on signal levels fed to the ¼-inch and 1/8-inch outputs.

Finally, the SYS-505 VCF gives you the sound of the SH-5 synth’s filter section in your modular rig. It comes with switchable outputs, built-in VCAs and CV control of cutoff and resonance, with the dual filter design giving you two different vintage characters in one module.

We’re still waiting on prices and release dates, but you can find out more about the new modules on the Roland website


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