Summer NAMM 2019: Source Audio’s C4 synth pedal promises Eurorack modular power for guitar and bass players

Summer NAMM 2019: With just one day to go before the show commences, Source Audio has dropped the C4 Synth pedal, which is being cited as a “Eurorack modular synth in a pedal for guitar and bass.”

Inspired by Bob Chidlaw’s (Source Audio's Chief Sound Engineer) passion for modular synthesis, the C4 takes many cues from the modular world. Most notably, the signal architecture which is fully editable via the Neuro editor.

The pedal comes pre-loaded with six presets and a seemingly simplistic four-knob control panel is deployed. However, each of the four rotaries features dual control, giving you Input Level, Envelope Sensitivity, Wet/Dry Mix, Master Output Level, and two Control knobs that adjust different parameters depending on the preset.

A mini USB port is located on the rear which allows you to connect to the Neuro Desktop Editor and receive MIDI messages from your DAW, as well as external MIDI controllers with USB host support.

The Sound Editor includes four assignable voices, three oscillator wave shapes (sine, square, saw), ten-plus envelope followers, twenty-plus modulating filters, distortion, tremolo, pitch shifting, intelligent harmonisation, FM synthesis, two programmable sequencers and more. 

The newly created presets can be transferred directly to one of the pedals, six slots and even published for other C4 users to enjoy.

The C4 is available at a street price of $239 and you can buy direct from the Source Audio website.

C4 Synth features

  • Six preset positions
  • Growing library of published presets
  • Flexible sound sculpting options
  • Supreme tracking
  • 128 MIDI accessible factory presets
  • Compact design
  • Universal BypassTM
  • USB port
  • ​External expression and tap tempo control
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