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Summer NAMM 2018: MagSlide, a new magnesium-based slide, promises to be a game-changer for guitarists

SUMMER NAMM 2018: MagSlide is aiming to disrupt the traditional slide market with a new magnesium-based slide, which it’s touting as a game-changer for guitarists.

The MagSlide is promising light weight, increased sustain and warm tone over its brass, steel and glass competitors.

Its magnesium construction makes it five times lighter than brass, 75 percent lighter than steel and 33 percent lighter than glass - and that means it can be played on lighter-gauge strings with lower action. That could prove to be good news for anyone who doesn’t want to set their guitar up especially for slide.

Interior contours allow air flow around the finger while playing, while a polished black chrome finish aims to provide a smoother surface than glass for minimal string noise on electric and acoustic.

The MagSlide costs $30 from Kickstarter - for more info, head over to the company’s website.

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