Strandberg announces new signature models guitars for Plini and Per Nilsson

Progressive guitars for progressive players; it says a lot about Strandberg design that its electric guitars still look like visions of the future. There's always a lot more going on here than a lack of headstock and with these new signature models for Plini and Scar Symmetry co-founder / Meshuggah touring member Per Nilsson prove it.


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As it's name suggests, the new Boden Plini Edition Neck-Thru guitar differs from the guitarist's established Boden signature in featuring Strandberg's Neck-Thru construction. But that's certainly not the only debut here. 


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Strandberg claim this neck construction enhances sustain as well as providing punchier tonality. The neck is a five-ply carbon-fiber-reinforced roasted maple neck that extends into the body of the guitar to minimise the heel and offer an additional advantage of "totally unrestrained access to the higher register of the frets". 

The new Michael Frank-design Strandberg Plini Edition humbuckers also make their first appearance on a production model here to deliver shimmering cleans and groovesome heaviness that the Plinster explored so well on last year's stunning Impluse Voices album. 

Like Plini's previous Bodens, the Boden Plini Edition Neck-Thru guitar features a chambered swamp ash body with a solid maple top and Australian blackwood veneer, ebony fretboard, Moon inlay at the 12th fret and Strandberg EGS Series 5 tremolo system and black anodised hardware.

The model will be available in Natural and Trans Brown finishes priced at £2,995.

Plini talked through his original Boden model with our friends at Total Guitar a few years ago – check it out above – and check out the in action live on February 10, live via either Strandberg's Instagram or Facebook at 09:00 CET as with both Plini and Per Nilsson will be demoing their new models. 

Strandberg Singularity True Temperament


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If you've been lucky enough to see Meshuggah live in the last few years you'll have noticed Fredrik Thornendal hasn't been in the live lineup but Per Nilsson has been doing an incredible job of filling his… eight strings.

Nilson is much more than a substitute though – he's produced an impressive resume as guitarist with Scar Symmetry and Kaipa. He even produced his own Scar Guitar instructional video back in 2013. 

Back then he was an Ibanez man but his new Strandberg Singularity True Temperament signature is a real stunner in a Red Blast 7-string or Blue Blast 8-string option.

Strandberg's True Temperament fretting system is equally headline-worthy. It's a multi-scale, custom-calibrated feature that Strandberg claims offers "virtually perfect tuning anywhere on the fretboard".


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The seven-string features is a multi-scale 26.25" to 25.5"  and the eight-string is 28" to 26.5". Construction is a solid American basswood body, Per Nilsson-modified  roasted maple EndurNeck with an Indian rosewood fretboard.

The guitars also features aircraft-grade aluminium hardware and a Strandberg EGS Series 5 fixed bridge.

Pickups are from Mesguggah faves Lundgren with Modern Vintage neck and bridge humbuckers, as well as a single-coil. These are controlled by a five-way pickup selector switch to offer a wide range of tonal options.

Only a limited number of True Temperament models will be made priced at $3,695  for the 7-string Red Blast and $3,795 for the 8-String Blue Blast.  

For more on other guitar options, check out Strandberg.

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