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Stop all the clocks: someone has created the world’s first Synthwatch

Wrist-based wearable tech has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, and many of us now own a smartwatch of some description. However, Audioweld wants muscians to ditch their step-counting, heart-rate-monitoring, notification-delivering devices and try something different: the Synthwatch.

This, as its name suggests, is a synth in a watch - in fact, it’s billed as the word’s first wristwatch synthesizer, a claim that we’re not going to contest. Remarkably, it actually houses a mini musical keyboard; despite their tiny size, the keys are said to be designed for “every finger size”. Of course, this being a watch, the device can tell the time as well: a retro-looking digital display sits above the keyboard.

If you’re wondering about durability, rest assured that the Synthwatch has a titanium case and is rain-resistant. As well as being able to play it standalone - the main purpose of the watch is real-time jamming when you’re out and about - you can also connect the Synthwatch to a mobile app that offers additional functionality such as sequencing, effects and acesss to more than 200 sounds. The USB charging cable also has a 3.5mm audio output on it so you can connect the device up to speakers, an amp or anything else.

Whether the Synthwatch will capture the mood of the music-making times remains to be seen, but we’ve got a certain admiration for the fact that its creators have put two years of work into creating it. They’re currently seeking financial help on Kickstarter, where a pledge of €450 will secure you a Synthwatch in April 2019 - providing the £67,382 funding target is reached, that is. We’ll be watching the total as the clock ticks down.