Steve Gadd to release his first ever drum instructional book, Gaddiments

Hudson Music has released a teaser for Steve Gadd’s new instructional book - the first he’s ever written. Titled Gaddiments, the book presents a series of rudimental passages inspired by Steve Gadd’s time in drum corps and his love of the rudiments of drumming.

Of course, rudiments are at the core of Steve Gadd’s drumming, having utilised rudimental ideas in crafting many of his signature grooves and fills, and Gaddiments takes the same approach. 

Hudson music says that “Each exercise is based on a classic or contemporary rudiment. It’s then displaced by starting on different subdivisions of the beat. This creates new rhythms without changing the sticking. All of the solos are written in a way that reinforce the understanding and importance of phrasing.”

Gaddiments includes 36 themes and concepts, totalling 85 individual exercises, and each one is accompanied by a video demonstration from Steve Gadd himself. The notation in the book has been hand engraved - a request made by Steve, who also designed the page layouts - to give the lessons a classic and easy-to-understand look.

The book is available to pre-order now, with three packages available. Package 1 includes an autographed copy of the book, along with a pair of Vic Firth Gaddiments sticks, Vic Firth Steve Gadd Gaddiments Practice Sticks.

Package two adds an autographed Gaddiments poster and hat, while Package 3  includes all of the above plus an autographed Zildjian 8” splash cymbal.

Gaddiments will begin shipping due to start around the middle of June. To pre-order your copy, visit Hudson Music’s website.

Stuart Williams

I'm a freelance member of the MusicRadar team, specialising in drum news, interviews and reviews. I formerly edited Rhythm and Total Guitar here in the UK and have been playing drums for more than 25 years (my arms are very tired). When I'm not working on the site, I can be found on my electronic kit at home, or gigging and depping in function bands and the odd original project.