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Solar unleashes signature guitar for The Haunted/Witchery’s Patrik Jensen

Solar Guitars, the electric co owned by YouTube guitar whiz Ola Englund, has announced the E1.6 Jensen, signature guitar model for The Haunted/Witchery’s Patrik Jensen.

Based on the Solar E, the Jensen boasts a “comfortable, mean and sharp-looking” armrest, EMG 85/81 humbuckers, a black open pore swamp ash body and Jensen’s ‘impact wave’ fret markers.

“With my new Solar E1.6 Jensen guitar I finally have an instrument that combines all the hardware features I expect from an exceptional guitar,” says Patrik Jensen.

“Not only does the guitar look amazing, but the guitar also plays with such ease that I can fully focus on getting the most out of the songs I play, rather than having to focus on getting the guitar to do what I want…”

The Solar E1.6 Jensen is available now for $999/€999 from Solar Guitars.

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